African Tribal Art – Ashley Anselm

Ashley is the kind of person that everyone falls in love with the second they meet her. She is just wrapped in a light that shines from the inside out. She is graceful by first being gracious and has a heart of gold. The morning of her African Tribal Art photo session she asked if she could bring her husband. From the very first nano-second that I met him, I instantly liked him. And knew without a doubt that he is the perfect match for Ashley. He’s the kind of guy who means every word he says. He is integrity, and service, and generosity. And the two of them together shine brighter because of it.

And before I get you to the pictures, it must also be said that after spending a few hours with these guys it became clear to me why these guys are the way they are. We LOVE you guys! And we are thankful to have gotten the opportunity to work with you. It is something we will never ever take for granted.

Thanks so much!
~Andrew | African Tribal Art Project

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