Puerto Rican Body Art with Damaris Melendez

Ms. Damaris, where do I start? She has this friendly smile that makes you forget about life’s troubles and is the kind of person that everyone enjoys talking to when they meet her. She is the wife of our family’s Karate Instructor Master Ruiz of RTK Martial Arts in Miramar, FL. She is gracious and has a heart of mother to all the students at the dojo.

She had a special request for me, not the first and definitely not the last one, I hope. She asked if I do more than African Tribal Art… And if I could research and find Tribal Art from other countries and to see if I could replicate tribal patterns from Puerto Rico.  Of course I’m always up for a challenge and after some time I found a few ideas that could work for her.

We LOVE our martial arts family! Ms. D, we are grateful to have gotten the opportunity to work with you on your special request.

Thanks so much!
~Andrew | African Tribal Art Project


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